Physical Medicine Modalities

The Center for TMJ & Sleep Disorders incorporates adjunct therapies into the practice as they fall in line with the philosophy of the multidisciplinary approach to treatment.  

                                    Massage Therapy               Cold Laser Therapy                              

                                    Ultrasound                        Infrared Light Therapy

Center for TMJ & Sleep Disorders is offering physical medicine modalities to enhance your appliance treatment . These treatments are performed in conjunction with your appliance therapy.

Heat Therapy – Warm, Moist heat packs are placed on the neck for 15-20 mins to relax muscles, decrease pain caused by muscle tension or spasms, and to create vasodilation of the blood vessels which increases circulation to promote healing. Conditions that benefit from hot packs may include: Arthritis, chronic pain, muscle spasms, chronic injury.

Ultrasound - This 20-minute sound wave treatment is used for applying deep heat for the relief of pain, to relax muscles, decrease muscle spasms and to relax joint contractures, as in the TMJoint being locked or limited. Conditions that benefit from Ultrasound treatment include: jaw pain, muscle pain, limited mouth opening, locked jaw.

Ultrasound with medicated gel – This 20-minute sound wave treatment is used for applying deep heat with the addition of a compounded anti-inflammatory, muscle relaxer, and pain reliever cream to the ultrasound gel. Conditions that benefit from Ultrasound treatment with medicated gel include: jaw pain, muscle pain, limited mouth opening, locked jaw.

Alpha-stim-with-probe - is an electrotherapy device that works by transmitting a unique, patented electrical waveform to modulate the cells' signals to return to baseline and normal functioning. The treatment is 6-10 minutes and uses gentle probes on the neck and TMJoints. Conditions that may benefit from Alpha Stim include: anxiety, insomnia, depression and pain. Some individuals may experience noticeable results after a single treatment while others may require more frequent treatments for a longer period before desired results are achieved.

Cold Laser - Cold laser therapy increases serotonin levels which allow the body to heal itself. Cold Laser therapy is painless, sterile, drug-free, nonthermal and non- invasive and is applied for 5- 10 minutes to the jaw joint area. Cold Laser is indicated for musculoskeletal pain, joint pain associated with TMJ Dysfunction, arthritis, fibromyalgia, tendonitis, bursitis, neuropathy, migraine headache, sprains and strains, and other associated inflammatory conditions and pains.

Cold Therapy – Placement of cool ice packs, CBD cooling essential oil, or Biofreeze gel at the end of the visit to reduce blood flow by causing the blood vessels to narrow, thereby reducing inflammation and swelling which
can reduce pain.



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