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In 2018 I went to the Center for TMJ and Sleep Disorders after literally drinking my meals for weeks and years of off and on jaw pain, clicking, and  locking.  After receiving my appliance, which I use faithfully every night and for every nap, I immediately saw a dramatic improvement in all of my symptoms.  Two years later and I have absolutely no jaw pain, clicking or locking.  I also have the added benefit of relief from chronic headaches and snoring.  Anyone on the fence about seeing these wonderful professionals or are on the fence about the price, please believe me when I say that the investment is worth every penny!  Everyone on the staff is very knowledgeable, helpful, and extremely kind.  I highly recommend giving them a call!


I suffered from snoring to the point that husband could not sleep in the same room.  Getting a custom made dental appliance has changed my life!  I now sleep silently and wake feeling rested.  I can't even explain how much better I feel now!  I tried cheap over-the-counter appliances and they just did not work.  They were uncomfortable and fell out in the middle of the night.  There is just no comparison to a custom fit!  I encourage everyone to make an appointment for a consultation.  I am so happy I did!


It is like I have a new mouth and jaw!  I cannot believe how much better I feel already after just a few weeks!


Dr. Tammy and her staff are amazing.  We traveled over 1 hour to see her and it was well worth the visit.  My son has been struggling with jaw pain for the last few years and we have taken him to numerous doctors with no answers.  Dr. Tammy took her time, did a lengthy examination, and at the end gave us the answers that we were looking for and hope that his problem can be treated.  I feel so lucky that we found her and would definitely recommend her to anyone.

Jeff O’Donnell, Sr.

I was diagnosed with mild sleep apnea 10 years ago. Bad snoring. A friend on the west coast told me that he had a custom oral appliance made and it stop the snoring immediately. His doctor recommended Dr. Tammy Balatgek in reading Pa. I live 50 min away but I went. She and her team changed my life. I do not snore anymore. I sleep great. I have seen many knock off "on line oral appliance products" for snoring. and I even bought one for half the price. they are garbage. You need it custom made and you need experts to adjust and modify the device as needed. Dr Balatgek has the at home sleep test as well. The professionalism and my clinical outcome are both amazing. I highly recommend this practice. It’s worth the trip. 10/10

Sarah Riser

Dr. Tammy and her staff are friendly and caring. I spent years in so much pain due to my chronic jaw issues, and 6 months later, I am nearly pain free! It makes me tear up when I think of how many places I went to and doctors I saw before I found her. I drive 2 hours to get there and it is worth every minute!

Bonnie Brown

I am a dental hygienist and have started to feel the effects of my clenching and grinding over the past few years. I have heard first hand from many patients who have been treated for TMJ and sleep issues with Dr Tammy. So many patients rave about the changes in their lives with their sleep appliances. Last week, I had my appliance delivered and I was shocked to wake up the next morning feeling refreshed after a good night's sleep. I attributed my fatigue these past few years to an autoimmune disorder but I know now that it was my inability to sleep. I am truly amazed with how I feel now on a daily basis. And, I no longer wake up with headaches or jaw pain! Bonus for my husband--he hasn't heard me snore since the first night I wore the appliance. Thanks, Dr. Tammy and your amazing staff!

Marissa Nicole

For 10 years I suffered from lock jaw, severe jaw pain that would eventually lead to a migraine for hours and sometimes even days. I was to the point where I could barely open my mouth. Queue Dr. Tammy. Not only did she help fit me for an appliance and guide me every step of the way through my treatment, she also listened to every concern I had through the whole process. Today January 24th 2019 I "graduated" from treatment and 98% mobility back in my jaw with ZERO PAIN. Along the way not only did aligning my jaw and teeth with my appliance help over all with everything associated with my jaw/mouth itself, the adjustment actually helped with the pain I have been having in my back for years... migraines.... and severe foot pain when walking or doing any activities on foot. It is crazy how much your jaw being out of alignment can affect other parts of your body. Thank you Dr. Tammy and all her staff for my stellar treatment and finally giving me relief!!!!

NOTE: Standard mouth opening range is 50-55... when I started my treatment about 6 months ago, I was less than 30... Today I was a 52!!!!!!

Gina Powell

I love my custom appliance as it has positioned my jaw comfortably allowing for the best sleep ever and no grinding! I spent years paying for upper appliances and crowns that did nothing. Thank you Dr. Tammy!

Krystal Theresa

Dr. Tammy is a wonderful doctor. She is very kind, knowledgeable, and never stops working hard to get her patients to their greatest health. She has improved my quality of life with my TMJ and I am so grateful!

Jill Middour Dice

I had never even heard of TMJ until 2 years ago. I didn’t know what was wrong at first and actually thought I had a sinus infection! My PCP sent me to an Ear, Nose & Throat dr. He knew right away it was classic TMJ and referred me to Dr. Tammy. He spoke highly of her. I learned about the condition and how to improve moving forward. I had been in so much pain for months it was nice to finally have a plan and start getting some relief! I could barely open my mouth and I could only eat soft foods. Now I’m pain free and so thankful I found Dr. Tammy and her wonderful staff. I highly recommend them for sleep disorders and TMJ. They are extremely knowledgeable about the condition and know how to fix the problem. Not just give an aid to help you get through. Dr. Tammy suffered from TMJ herself and has such a deep understanding of this condition. It’s been an eye-opening experience and I am so thankful for the Center for TMJ.

Mark Bennett

So glad I went to Dr Tammy to treat my snoring. So much more restful sleep.

Lexie Hoffman

I was dealing with TMJ issues for 2+ years, jaw pain, unable to eat foods, daily headaches, and clicking/popping with any jaw movement. I originally went to another provider and the only recommendation was physical therapy and then trigger point injections if the therapy did not work. In the end, I was still in pain and made no progress with physical therapy. I did not do the trigger point injections because it provides only short-term relief. I made an appointment with Dr. Tammy due to continued pain and inability to enjoy any food. I had a consultation and she explained everything to me about why I have other symptoms related to my TMJ issues. She explained everything in detail and used displays and scans to complete a comprehensive assessment to guide her plan of treatment for me. Six months later, I have hardly any jaw pain, the ability to enjoy hard and soft foods, and no headaches. Although I have to wear a retainer to keep my jaw aligned correctly, the retainer has changed my life and Dr. Tammy and her staff have allowed me to get back to normal living. Other factors such as sleeping, dreaming, and clenching of my teeth have also improved which is all related to the jaw joint. If you have jaw pain and need to see a provider, look no further! With Dr. Tammy's clinical expertise and experience, she has given me back my normal life. The entire staff are all wonderful as well and care about your personal progress for overall improvement. Center for TMJ & Sleep Disorders, LLC is a comprehensive facility to improve patient's life and outcomes for TMJ and sleep issues.

Daphne Hunt

If you or your loved one is suffering with TMJ/ TMJD, this is the specialist you need to see. For years, I suffered unbearable pain and unusual symptoms. Had it not been for Dr. Balategek, I honestly don't know where I'd be today. I had gone the Botox and surgical route through Penn Med, and that was a HUGE mistake. Not only was my condition worsened, I almost died from a reaction to the extended use of Botox, and I had serious complications (they broke my nose, slit my tongue, and broke off one of my teeth) during my last surgery. Before I went to Penn Med, I had seen four other specialists on the East Coast, and they told me there was nothing they could do to help me. Dr. Tammy (as she is affectionately called) thoroughly examined and evaluated me like no other specialist. The course of treatment was non-invasive and unlike any other that had been recommended to me. She fitted me with oral devices that she developed and are patented to her. Wearing the oral devices is changing my life! I had given up all hope, Yet, here I am 2.5 years later -- I have many fewer migraines, I can now turn my head without severe pain in my cervical spine, my vertigo has diminished greatly, etc. I may not be 100%, but I went from being bedridden with severe pain with zero quality to regaining approx. 2/3 of my jaw function back and eliminating 2/3 of the pain. For me, THAT IS HUGE! You owe it to yourself or your loved one to consult with Dr. Tammy and get her expert evaluation. She is by far the best in the business!


Our experience with this office was nothing short of AMAZING. We were taken upon our arrival (even though we did not have an appointment) and I spent the next 4 hours being educated about TMJ and fitted for a mouth apparatus which I look forward to using, with high hopes of success. Mine was a 3-month journey of many doctors, X-Rays, CT scans and bloodwork in an attempt to understand why I was suddenly experiencing facial and back pain and dizziness. Dr Tammy had those answers. The staff is just incredible - friendly, helpful, kind, accommodating. THANK YOU ALL!


After approx. 8 weeks of treatment for headaches, facial pain, ear congestion and neck pain I feel great! I realize that not everyone may experience the same results, but I just wanted to share my experience to let others know that there is hope for pain caused by TMJ. The office staff is professional and Dr. Balatgek explains everything in great detail before you decide if you want to proceed with treatment. Thank you Dr. Balatgek and staff for all you've done for me.

A Very Satisfied Patient

Can't say enough about Dr "Tammy" and her staff!!! She knows how treat TMJ/TMD and sleep apnea like no other doctor. After 6 years and more procedures and treatments than I can count, I now have HOPE! Also, nicest staff and doctor you'll ever meet! Highly Recommend!!!

DH in Palmyra

Very Highly recommend Dr. Tammy! TMJ and sleep apnea treatment is going well. Migraines are decreasing. Can't say enough about her positive spirit and that if her staff. Only doctor in 200 miles who actually knows how to effectively treat TMJ and TM disorders as well as sleep apnea. Avoid surgery...this IS the route to go, and this is the place to be treated.

Christine Miller

Been suffering for almost 10 years since my accident as u know to discover today by Dr Tammy that TMJ is the source of my tremors. Next week a new journey begins with mouth guards and mouth pieces and we will other symptoms are put to rest. I am looking forward to this journey.

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  • "Dr. Tammy Balatgek and her staff are amazing. We traveled over an hour to see her and it was well worth the visit."
    Victoria H
  • "Getting a custom made dental appliance for my snoring changed my life!"
    Jennifer K
  • "Visiting Center for TMJ & Sleep Disorders and Dental Health & Wellness gives my family and me more reasons to smile."
    The Johnson Family
  • "Dr. Balatgek provided me with excellent care when I needed it the most."
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